Colour of Corruption
is a tool launched by the
Reclame Aqui Institute
which highlights, in every
website, the names of
elected politicians and
Ministers of State that
have unresolved issues
with the law.

With just 3 clicks you install
the Colour of Corruption plugin
in your browser and you're
done. Then you can navigate as
usual and, whenever the name
of an elected politician with
issues with the law appears,
Colour of Corruption highlights
it in purple. Then, just hover
the mouse over the name to
check his judicial record.

Thousands of students from the
most important private university
in Brazil – PUC-PR – are
currently monitoring the status
of politicians and former
politicians. Each day, new students
join us and help monitoring
thousands of politicians, increasing
the reach and keeping the Colour
of Corruption up to date.

Federal Government



Former Presidents of the last 30 years (living)


Former Vice-Presidents of the last 30 years (living)


Ministers of State

Former Ministers of State of the last 10 years



Former Senators of the last 10 years



Former Congressmen of the last 10 years

State & Local Government



Former Governors of the last 10 years


Former Vice-Governors of the last 10 years

State Representatives

Former State Representatives of the last 10 years



City Counselors

The Colour of Corruption consolidates only official information disseminated in various instances of justice, federal and state courts. (please note that data from the electoral courts are being analyzed and added on throughout the project).

IMPORTANT: Procedures under secrecy of justice are not displayed, since they don’t appear in the official database of the courts.