Privacy Policy

Vigie AQUI is an initiative of the Reclame AQUI Institute and it was created exclusively to organize public and free access information in a simple, easy and transparent way to the citizens, in order to elucidate and offer information that may not have received the proper attention, due to the chaotic political scene Brazil is facing right now.

Vigie AQUI, Reclame AQUI Institute, Grey Agency and Óbvio Brasil Holding subsidiaries – who owns the Reclame AQUI institute –, have no access and don’t store any kind of navigation history or any other data of its users, and don’t ask for any type of registration or information by the user of the plugin.

All information contained in the plugin and presented on the website come from reliable sources such as and the Superior Electoral Court, and all information is public and there is no use of phishing during the gathering of the information.

If you, politician, have any objection or update regarding the data presented in the plugin, send an e-mail to

To all citizens who are homonymous to politicians who are highlighted by the plugin: all information about a politician, as well as his photo, are presented with clarity and detail, so there is no confusion with people who have the same name.

We at the Reclame AQUI Institute are certain that this kind of plugin can and will help the country. The true power of the citizen when they are voting and watching elected politicians is information.

If you have any questions, please contact us at